Why visit
Why visit

By 17 sessions of development and cultivation, Beijing International Coal & Mining Exhibition has been a top brand exhibition on the area of coal & mining industry. More and more exhibitors regard the exhibition as the cannot- missing exchange opportunities and business platform. By investigating on the scene, the participants can display, see and touch the cutting-edge products and technologies, learn about the industry trends in a short time.


1. 17 sessions development and cultivation for building top brand exhibition

Successfully held 17 sessions, cannot missing exchange opportunities and business platform for the coal & mining industry.


2. World top exhibition togethers industrial participants

600 exhibitors from about 20 countries and regions around the world, with 60000 square meters exhibition area and 100000 person-times visitors.


3. Smart and Low-Carbon , Shape High-quality Future

Display the latest equipment & technology , new solutions in the field of coal & mining production at home and abroad.


4. The latest products and technologies

Covering unmanned coal and mining technology and application, coal & mining production equipment, transportation, safety and monitoring systems, mining services, mining mechanical & electrical equipment and materials, mining emergency and rescue, coal chemical industry,energy and new energy industries,etc.


5. Face-to-face business opportunities 

Numbers of technical seminars and activities can offer the exhibitors, visitors and purchasing groups face-to-face communication opportunities for sharing experience and information.


6. Efficient, economical and high-quality exhibitions

Display, see and touch the cutting-edge products and technologies, learn about the coal & mining industry trends in a shot time.