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Products Categories

Underground Mining:

Coal Mining Equipment,Working Face Support,Working Face Conveying Equipment


Underground Tunneling:

Mechanized Tunneling Equipment,Mine Tunneling Equipment, Back Up System, Supporting Machines and Tools


Underground Transportation:

Belt Conveyor, Auxiliary Transportation - Rail Transportation,Auxiliary Transportation - Trackless Transportation, Mine Hoisting


Coal Mine Electromechanical and Power:

Coal Mine Power Supply, Electric Machine, Pump, Hydraulic Transmission, Compressor Equipment, Rigs


Coal Mine Auxiliary Production System:

Drainage Equipment, Ventilation Equipment, Communication and Lighting Equipment, Safety Production and Rescue, Environmental Protection System


SMART Mine & Automation:

Coal Mine Automation, Supporting Technology for Coal Mine Automation


Coal Processing & Utilization:

Coal Washing Equipment, Coal Processing and Utilization


Open-Air Mining:

Open-Air Mining Equipment, Transportation Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment


Coal Mine Services and Engineering:

Trading Service, Exploration and Mine Construction, Land Exploration,Mine Survey, Coal Mine Cooling


Mine Material, Instruments and Processing:

Mine Resources & Materials, Mine Equipment/ Apparatus/ Instrumentation,Processing & Utilization, Laser Cladding, Equipment Restoration, Welding Technique, Welding Material, Forging Process, Honing Process, Internal Spraying